"Dejemos que estas gotas,
como las gotas de rocío despierten las flores dormidas,
despierten nuestro paladar."


The steep slopes of the Alcarama mountain range where our vines grow are located in one of the most spectacular areas of La Rioja. Due to this reason, the grapes are manually harvested and transported to the winery in small trailers.

Bodegas Forcada owns 65 hectares of vineyards located in the Alcarama mountain range, but we also run 70 more hectares owned by some of our relatives. We now represent the fourth generation of wine-makers in our family and we produce small quantities of grapes per hectare in our hundred-year-old vineyards by combining traditional methods with modern techniques to obtain a better quality.

Besides, the fact that the vines grow at 700 meters above sea level contributes to achieve a greater complexity of aromas and flavors in our grapes.

The fact that our vineyards are located within a Biosphere Reserve make us strictly use organic production methods, based on the respect for the environment and a careful treatment of the vines. In order to do so, we have only been using manure instead of chemical fertilizers over the last two decades. We do not use herbicides either, and in order to combat the grape moth we use pheromones. In addition to this, it can be highlighted that ours is the only winery within the Rioja Regulatory Council which is certified with the logo Biosphere Reserve.