Bodegas Forcada is a family-owned winery located in Rincón de Olivedo, a small village in the south-east of La Rioja, the autonomous region where Rioja wine is produced. Our winery and vineyards lie in the centre of the Biosphere Reserve. Such area is considered to be a privileged enclave within the Alcarama mountain range, where the excellent soil and climate conditions contribute to a superb maturation of our virtually organic grapes.

Back in 1910 Marcos Forcada inherited from his father a few vineyards which were capable of surviving the phylloxera and planted some of the vineyards that still today are preserved. He then built the old winery and started his winemaking adventure. As time went by, the old building started to deteriorate, to the point it became derelict. It was in 2001 when David Forcada, bearing in mind a renovation was nearly impossible, decided to build the new winery. It now has modern facilities,

which include the latest technological advances and enable us to process around one million kilos of grapes, as well as an area for the ageing of the wine. Such area is equipped with French and American oak barrels and provides our wine with the optimum temperature to acquire an excellent quality. An extensive experience in vine growing and an adequately performed technology are the key factors to obtain well-structured, elegant wines.